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EDITOR: Welcome Taylor! Before we start, I’d like to know if you’re the girl in the picture above?


EDITOR: I understand this is your first novel for young adults.

TJ:  Yes, it is, and it’s quite different from other books on the market.

EDITOR: What’s it about?

TJ:  Before the Apocalypse is about a teen with dilemmas which include girlfriends, sports, and a jealous rival, but at the same time, he has vision-like dreams with messages. He’s commanded to tell the world and he freaks out. I’ve been told that by chapter 5 the reader can’t put it down. That blessed my heart.

EDITOR: Do they say why they can’t put it down?

TJ: They say it’s because of what Sam uncovers about the visions and the subplot with Sam’s jealous rival, Hud, who joins an eerie religion with sinister intentions. The New Order is a very creepy religion.

EDITOR:  What compelled you to write the book?

TJ: I became obsessed with learning about the blood moons a couple of years before they occurred in 2014 and 2015, and that led to studying prophecy. I’ve read the prophecy books in the Bible, attended 3 (three-day long) prophecy conferences, read prophecy books, and watched and continue to watch prophecy shows on television and You-Tube. It’s all eye-opening.  God hasn’t hidden any of His plans from us. When the Mayans’ predicted the end of the world in 2012, people all over the world took notice–but nothing came of it. But the Bible is 100%e accurate. If God tells us something, we can be 100% sure it will happen. Apparently millions of people are eager to learn about prophecy because there are over a million clicks a day in online search engines for the words apocalypse, end times, and prophecy.

EDITOR: I think readers will have lots of questions after reading the book, will you answer them?

TJ: Readers can leave questions and comments on this website and I’ll get back with them. I also suggest they pull out their Bibles and begin digging in. Look up prophecy on search engines, read prophecy study guides, and watch prophecy shows. Search for prophecy conferences nearby. People who enjoy learning about God’s plans for our future, and the strange things that are happening in the world will become addicted.

EDITOR:  Will you write a sequel to this book?

TJ: If there appears to be an interest in one, I’m definitely up for it. I’ve been running outlines through my mind for months. There’s a plethora of information on what’s happening in the world right now.

EDITOR:  Would you like to give a shout-out to anyone?

TJ:  Absolutely! A huge thank you to my Heavenly Father. He kept me writing through the many times I wanted to give up. I owe this book to Him. And I’d like to thank my family for their encouragement and love.

EDITOR: Thank you for the interview, Taylor. God bless your book and thank you for writing it.

TJ:  Thank you for the opportunity!

Please let Taylor know what you think of her new book–Before the Apocalypse. If you like it or are affected by it, please write a short review on–even just the words, “I liked it!” and contact her at  She’d love to connect.


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